vendredi 11 décembre 2015


Today, I have to underline a big problem of our society. Not in a tweet, but  in a novel neither. I have been reading the famous book "Bobos in paradise" by David Brooks for three days and I can't stop laughing and thinking of the evolution of our time. Not revolution, evolution. The revolution is just absorbed by the Capitalism, which, by the way, is a sort of revolution too. The bobo is really a "point d'ancrage" (a main point, a reference) of our system. The issue is probably related with my feelings about the students of today. I have to add that I don't gravitate towards them at all, but, casually, I do really know them. They are all around me.

The problem with our youth, if there is any (so far I'm still young enough not to consider myself as a mature person), consists in the lack of humility of these generations. They don't accept the authority, not because they feel rebel or revolutionary in this world (they aren't rebel at all, they're the total expression of the needs of Capitalism and the global policy), not because they consider themselves as very clever (they know they aren't), but because they don't want to be more little than they are. In front of a maestro, for instance, they instinctivally know they are very little. In front of their Facebook, they are something. That's why they tend to respect the idiots more than the teachers (I know what you may think, a lot of teachers are idiots too).

They aren't able to accept that someone could teach them something. They never accept neither any vertical process of improvement. I am lazy as well, but I personaly accept the authority when the person who has the power in this moment had worked a lot to get it. It's a sad situation. This is a problem of ego too. And of self-consciousness. We all have to accept that we are nothing, specially in front of somebody who is deeply more competent than us.

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