mardi 17 novembre 2015


American architect Frank Ghery, to see his massive pieces of art is a chance for our time

It's strange but good to write a post and to realize that no advertisment will support this process. It's deeply satisfactory. I hope that very few people will read me, and to be honest, I pray that my few readers will be humble and curious. I know, it can turn out to be ackward, but I believe in it. I have more faith in English than in other langages. For example, I'm more pessimistic in French. In Spanish, I'm more picaro. Resourceful but naughty.

This is for me a way to express myself even if this "myself", as far as I'm concerned, is a mistery. My job doesn't allow me to waste my only good, my time, and it's a kind of satisfaction. A precious thing. I'm proud of it.

Internet is a disgraful breakthrough. Nowadays, the only action you're supposed to do is to hang out with a screen, a godam m.f. screen. That's not fair.

I won't write as usual my feelings on this society. I don't want to show off neither.

I've been working and so far it's the only purpose. Art. Skills.

It's just amazing how people are lazy. The big issue of our century is the Ego, and the way Internet make us think (or not to think) that we are special. But we´re not special at all. Neither are you. But let them think they're Ok !

Every post can be consulted, but some of them are more confidential and you can ask me and I'll send it to you: I prefer to establish a connexion with any reader than to let my stuff in the hands of awful people.

Let's laugh!